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Sunday, May 20, 2007

3/23/07 Rec. Commission communication to Finance & Audit Committee

Norwood Recreation Commission Budget needs 2007

The reasons we have asked for additional funds

Employees Cost-Minimum wage, workers comp & PERS* increases

Minimum Wage went up to $6.85 an hour. We had started our employees at $6.25 an hour. So we have 19 employees that need to be paid $6.85 over what we have previously paid them. Besides minimum wage going up, Workers Comp and PERS have increased. With these increases our employees for all of our programs will cost us an additional $14,000 to $15,000. This would include our pool workers, gym workers and all other programs we do through out the year.

Operating Expenses
Chlorine cost have increased 11% in the last two years. We have shopped around for better cost but Miami Chemical does have the lowest price. Other chemicals that we use such as acid, cleaning solutions, paper products have all increased in cost. As we all know these cost have increase at a rate of 2 to 3% each year. We have lawn chairs that need to be replaced at Waterworks, last year we had to remove about 15 to 18 chairs that we not repairable. We will have added expenses of traveling this year with the pools and the office being in 4 different places.

Recreation Van
The recreation van is a 1991 and needs to be replaced. We use this van for many things, transporting children from the centers to the pools, getting supplies for our programs, transporting supplies and equipment for events and programs. We need to have this vehicle replaced.

As compared with other communities, for the programs we offer, this funding request is not out of line. When you compare our total recreation budget to the city’s budget, we are only asking for 6/10 of one percent of the incoming funds. In 2003 the city was contributing $127,000 to recreation, in 2004 it was cut to $85,000 and we have been given the same amount since then despite inflation. This was a 32% cut that we have struggled with over the past few years as well as inflation just like all the other departments in this city have faced.

March 23, 2007

* Public Employees Retirement System