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Sunday, August 12, 2007

2006 NPD Annual Report: NDTF anecdotes

1. Based on several complaints from neighbors and Norwood High School parents, NDTF executed as search warrant at 2028 Elm Avenue. Two subjects were arrested and a 20-year-old male was charged with several counts of Trafficking in Marijuana; he was specifically selling small baggies of marijuana to Norwood students.

2. After several complaints from many West Norwood residents, a drug investigation was opened on James “Andy” Clemmons of Cleveland Ave. After two months, Clemmons was arrested for two counts of Trafficking and one count of Possession of Crack Cocaine.

3. During the summer of 2006, NDTF was able to arrest a father and son team of heroin traffickers. Mark Wombles, Sr….was arrested for three counts of Trafficking in tar heroin. Mark Jr….was arrested for one count of Trafficking in tar heroin and possession….Several neighbors are credited with making their drug trafficking activities known to NDTF.

4. With the assistance of Kenilworth Ave. residents, NDTF began an investigation of the occupants of 2424 Kenilworth Ave. On August 4, 2006, a search warrant was executed by HCPA SWAT team. Our investigation resulted in the arrests of three adults for 8 counts of Trafficking in Drugs and two counts of Felony Child Endangering. With the assistance of the Norwood Health and Building Departments, the house was vacated for building code violations and unsanitary living conditions.

5. After several tips from residents, NDTF opened an investigation of 5144 Hunter Ave. #2. A search warrant was executed by HCPA SWAT, and two residents of the apartment were arrested for 3 counts of Trafficking in Crack Cocaine and Permitting Drug Abuse.


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