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Friday, July 08, 2011

How the Energy Alliance program for homeowners works

Homeowners Save Money, Live More Comfortably & Conserve Energy
The Energy Alliance helps homeowners and non-profit organizations identify ways to save money, live more comfortably and conserve energy through an energy assessment – a process that determines measures to reduce utility bills. The average home energy improvement is estimated to save the homeowner 20 percent or more on monthly energy bills.

Energy Assessments - Save Money & Energy
Much more than a simple walk-through, this 3 to 5 hour comprehensive assessment performed by an Energy Alliance-approved contractor examines air leaks, mechanical equipment performance and safety, insulation levels and air quality. Normally a $400 to $500 cost, the Energy Alliance is able to offer this service for $50 to eligible homeowners in Hamilton, Boone, Kenton and Campbell counties for a limited time. (The $50 cost is reimbursable when investing in a home energy improvement.)

Home Energy Incentives - Save 35% on Energy-Saving Upgrades
The Energy Alliance’s grant funding provides an incentive of up to 35 percent to reduce the cost of each measure on the energy assessment report. In addition, the Energy Alliance also offers low interest loans, financing programs and connects homeowners to other available federal, state and utility incentives. No income restrictions apply.

Determine Investments that Save the Most
The energy assessment identifies measures to reduce utility bills, the cost of each improvement and the return on investment (through energy savings) starting with those that have the highest impact per dollar. Typical measures can include adding or replacing insulation, sealing air drafts and upgrading to high efficiency furnaces.

Work With Qualified Contractors - Save Time & Ensure Quality
The Energy Alliance saves time and ensures quality by providing project management services and a list of professionally certified and insured contractors. All home performance professionals are certified by the Building Performance Institute, a leading nonprofit organization that provides standards for energy efficiency professionals. The Energy Alliance routinely performs quality assurance testing on all approved contractors to ensure the highest quality work.