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Friday, March 30, 2007

NCS Levy Committee letter to Norwood Parents

Norwood City Schools Levy Renewal Campaign

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian:

Parents want what’s best for their child. They want their child to be healthy and strong and to develop an inquisitive mind. The Norwood city Schools share in that dream and goal.

The Norwood schools strive each and every day to provide education that’s challenging and meaningful and in line with state standards. A dedicated, professional staff is committed to ensuring that our students have the skills to attend college or find a place in the workforce. The road to achieving success for our children is sweeter when shared by others, such as our parents, extended family and the greater community.

What can you do to ensure that progress continues? On May 8 the Norwood schools have a tax RENEWAL on the ballot. We need your support - and VOTE - at the polls to ensure the Norwood schools continue to grow, attract and keep good staff members, and draw young families to our community. If you’re not registered to vote we have included two voter registration forms for your convenience. Complete the forms and mail them to 824 Broadway, Cincinnati, OH 45202. The Hamilton County Board of Elections must receive your voter registration no later than April 9, 2007.

Renewal of the levy will not cost Norwood taxpayers one cent more than they are currently paying. The levy generates about $1.7 million dollars annually, and has since it was first approved by voters in August 1992.

I hope we can count on your support May 8.

Thank you for your time.

Larry Parker
NCS Levy Treasurer
2320 Madison Ave.
Norwood, Oh 45212

Issued by NCS Levy Committee: Larry Parker, Treasurer