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Friday, September 28, 2007

Pastor Kevin Jobe’s Cincinnati Post editorial

What in the world is wrong with us? We are the nation for whom the Statue of liberty, symbolic beacon to the world’s tired, poor and wretched, stands as a symbol of welcome. We are the nation that calls itself the melting pot; the one which supposedly prides itself on being an unparalleled tapestry of races, cultures and ethnicities living together in a harmony the rest of the world cannot muster. Why then, after largely ignoring our own immigration laws for a generation plus, are we now so bent on enforcement that we stand on the verge of committing ourselves to one of the largest forced human migrations in all of recorded history? Does no one in a place of power have any idea of the ramifications of such thinking? What sort of behaviors will it lead us into?

Will it lead us to large scale raids for “criminals” which net overwhelming majorities of people whose only crime has been to overstay a visa because they love the USA? Last week, it did. Will we coerce, mislead, and lie to these men and women (without criminal history) we have rounded up in order to force their signatures on deportation papers? Last week, we did. Will we become so bent on carrying out “law enforcement” that we are willing to trash the spirit of our own US Constitution, spit on the Statue of Liberty and then raise ourselves up as champions of the American way? Last week, that happened. Shame on us all.

There is no question that our immigration policies need major reparations, but our current course of action is insanity. If this goes unchecked, the world’s greatest defender of human rights will go down in the annals of history in a manner that will not read well. Alongside the Trail of Tears and the shiploads of slaves, we’ll be known for the mass deportation of 11 million people and their children. The last world leaders to do this on such a level were named Stalin and Hitler. Is this what we want for the greatest country on earth?

Please don’t let this stand! Raise your voice! Call your US Representative or Senator, State Senator or Representative, the office of ICE or Governor Strickland and insist that this madness stops. What in the world is wrong with us?

Pastor Kevin Jobe
Grace Church
A United Methodist Congregation in Norwood


  • illegal aliens are illegal aliens get them out. Raids are way too late but I belive are at last a postive sign. Better to go after the employers. Mass fines or better treat it like a drug crime wherein all property - land/infastructure of the buisness is forfeited to the state.

    Do this and we won't need to spend money on a huge fence wall.

    Spare me the statue of liberty line - a gift from France does not dictate our policy.

    I would like to know how many sq.ft the Rev. Kevin Jobe's home encompasses? might there be room in your house for some poor homeless people to stay and live with you.

    a token one would be nice, but really how many people could your house shelter? Let's look to get as many to live safe and warm as possible in your home!

    -God bless

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:32 AM  

  • Those in our country illegally have broken the law.

    You know about the law don't you? It's a set of codified beliefs, morales and guidelines that help create and maintain an orderly society?

    What do you say to those who have gone about gaining US entry abnd citizenship the right way - apply, wait, take citizenship classes, learn the language? "Sorry, you did things the right way - you lose". Under Pastor Jobe's ideals, cheaters win. Nice, real nice.

    What is your opinion about medical costs, educational costs, police/fire/EMT costs, social security costs, all of which are skyrocketing and will continue to skyrocket when you increase the total populatino of the US dramatically, all at once? Who's going to pay for this? Churches?
    No, churches don't have to pay tax or support the US Treasurey and all the programs that will collapse under the weight of instant burden increases. It is not my job as a citizen or taxpayer to pay more, to accomodate lawbreakers.

    Illegal aliens coming here veiled in a cloak of secrecy or stealth, is wrong. You can paint it any way you like. It's wrong.
    They teach right from wrong in the bible, don't they?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:01 PM  

  • Thank You Pastor Kevin Jobe for your speaking out!
    Immigrants: They are people first
    God created and loved.
    They have earnest lives and tragic deaths. How do we treat the undocumented workers in our midst?
    With the same compasion and respect we afford other human beings. Some are here to work and return to their home countries, as many do throughout the world. But, if we are fortunate, they will choose to stay, raise their children and make the same contributions all past generations of immigrants have. The presence of brother and sisters from diffrent cultures should be celebrated as a gift. When we enrich each other with our diversity, we become what God envisioned when he told the Israelites: "You too must befriend the alien, for you were once aliens yourselves." Human respect for our fellow man is a much more uplifting human response to immigrants. Immigrants simply want to survive and provide a future for their families. It is so limited and tortuous now that the only solution for so many long-suffering good people who would rather be legal is to become illegal for the sake of there families survival. We need to reestablish hope instead of fear that has become their primary emotion. We need to respect their rich culture and active faith. I will continue to support their human rights. This country holds the promise of a better way of life for most. What impresses me most, in the Hispanic population is their willingness to work hard for the money that they earn. The pride that they demonstrate in the fact that there families come before all else.

    Do you have indoor plumbing?
    Do you have running water?
    Does your home consist of one room with a dirt floor?
    Did you get a chance to complete elementary school?
    Do you make more than $4.57 a day?

    These are the things we in this country take for granted.
    We need to promote peace, justice and respect for our immigrant brothers and sisters. Who are in search for a better life.

    By Blogger Monica Ewing, at 8:32 PM  

  • In addition to contacting our congressman we need to visit the Butler County Sherriff Richard Jones blog. Let your voice be heard dont just stand by make a diffrence in someones life today.

    By Blogger Monica Ewing, at 8:40 PM  

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